It's never been easier! AllMyThings helps you create an archive of all your assets. Simply choose the membership category of the object from the given categories (books, films, electronics, etc.), select the location where you placed the object, enter the information that is most important to you, and then take up to 9 pictures of your object or select from your device's images.

The category of an object defines which fields will be required at the time of insertion of the object.
You can customize the category fields by choosing between the 12 already given, and prioritize them as you see fit. There is no limit to the amount of information that can be inserted.

AllMyThings is an application designed to effectively manage multiple inventories for: Real estate Agents, Estate Planners, those who want to categorize objects placed in different homes or offices. You can label the location of your object in the home /office as you prefer (for example: ground floor, first floor, attic, etc. ..), and then go more in detail by entering rooms, cabinets or boxes where they are stored. You can change the location of your objects in AllMyThings at any time.

Finding an object with
AllMyThings is easy ... it's all at your fingertips!

Features list - current release (1.9.0)

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AllMyThings is designed to manage multiple sites
Manage inventory of each individual place or estate (home, office, etc). There is no limit to the number of properties that can be inserted. AllMyThings is the first iPhone/iPod application of its kind to administer multiple properties.
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Quickly rearrange the structure of the house
Have you decided to move the closet of your room into the cellar? No problem! Simply drag the closet location in AllMyThings to the new location and all its objects and other locations contained in it will be immediately moved.
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You create the structure of your property
You define the structure of each property, in terms of floors, rooms, cabinets, or any other location where you placed the objects ... In this way it will be very easy to find what you're looking for.
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Link objects to a category
Catalog anything by linking it to a category (books, DVDs, CDs, films, etc ...). Based on the category selected, you will be automatically prompted to enter more information. Choose the category among those preset or create a new one.
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Enter the details of the object
There is no limit to the number and type of information that can be inserted. Fill out the appropriate field based on the category you choose. You can insert customized fields for each object at any time.
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Customize categories
If you can't find the category you need, you can insert a new one and customize it with the required fields. Currently there are 12 types of fields (text, number, currency, multiple choice, etc.).
See details for available fields
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Insert photos
You can add up to 9 pictures per object from your camera or from the library images. You can move and scale the image shown in the preview.
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Pictures Gallery
Scroll and zoom the pictures from the gallery.
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Reorder photos with drag & drop
To quickly reorder images: select an image and drag to change the order. The first photo will appear while previewing the object.
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Customized fields
The categories and the individual objects can be customized with fields, choosing between the different types available.
See details for available fields
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Unlimited number of objects
It is capable of handling a high volume of articles, categories, locations and places.
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Library icons
AllMyThings offers a library of icons from which to choose. This makes it easy to distinguish your objects.
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Keep track of objects rendered/sold
It is often hard to remember what is loaned to a friend and how much time has elapsed. With AllMyThings, you simply select the contact from your address book and you're done! It is possible to lend or sell multiple items simultaneously.
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List rendered/sold
Once an object is marked as lent or sold, it appears on a list.
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Add people or companies from your personal address book and monitor how many and which objects were loaned or sold.
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Take a picture of locations
Take a picture of the room or the box in which you've placed objects to better remember what it contains.
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Navigation between items
Click between items in a category, location or search results using the forward and backward arrows.
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Location Configuration
Structure the locations in the figure of a tree, with textual notes, move them easily.
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Find your object anywhere
Global search allows you to find what you're looking for. Type the name of the object or the category or location.
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Insert objects
A user-friendly and intuitive interface allows you to quickly add items into categories and locations.
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Browse for places/locations/categories
Display the contents by location, category or location.
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Move things quickly
You can move individual objects or groups of objects simultaneously. AllMyThings allows you to move entire locations with a simple drag & drop.
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Multiple operations
You can move, delete, lend or sell by selecting multiple objects simultaneously.
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Path objects
Displays the path to the object that you want. A simple tap allows you to locate your object.
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Default fields
Define your own customized fields on all objects regardless of the category they belong to.
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Date creation/modification
You can see when you have inserted an object and when you have modified the last time.
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Insert note
Post a comment on objects, locations or categories.
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Quickly create a new location
When naming a new site, you can choose to create from automated locations or you can copy them from other places already defined.
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Ability to create a full backup of the database, download on your computer and then restore at any time on the starting device or any others device.
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Sample data
AllMyThings comes with a sample pre-installed database
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Passcode protection
Protect your data with an optional passcode lock.
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Export as CSV file
Export your inventory or portion of it as CSV file and open it with your favourite spreadsheet application like MS Office, Open Office or Numbers.
The images can be attached too.
Share single item's details and pictures by Email.
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iPhone 5 ready
AllMyThings now uses the whole screen space available on the new devices

Organize your things, organize your life...

Easily find what you're looking for

How many times have you needed to find something that you don't remember where you put exactly? Over the years, stuff accumulates in a house making it very easy to forget where you put everything... especially the small items. AllMyThings helps you to locate the exact place fast.


Version 1.9.0 - New export feature!

Export your inventory as CSV file and open it with your favorite spreadsheet application. Share the item's details and pictures by Email.
Read more about what's new in this version

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