Version 1.9.0

Added the ability to export the inventory or portion of it as CSV file: it is now possible to export the items associated with a location, a category or a place. To export the items in a location or category you just have to selected it and select the action button on the bottom. You can then decide to send the exported inventory to yourself or to anyone else. It is also possible to share single item (in this case the item’s details are added directly into the Email body instead of being attached as CSV). The pictures can be included to the Email as well.

The Settings section of the app has been updated with some additional options. See “Email sharing”

Renaming or deleting a place is now more straightforward: just select the place name to rename, or select the trash icon to delete

** Please notice that the export feature requires an Email account configured on the device

Version 1.8.4

Minor bug fix on iPhone 5 in the “Search” tab

Version 1.8.3

Added support for iOS 6 and iPhone 5
Minor bug fix: starting from iOS 6 was impossible to move an item to another location

Version 1.8.2

Added ability to protect the data with a passcode
Settings -> Tell a friend

Version 1.8.0

Complete app redesign. This update introduces a completely new way to navigate through your places, locations, categories, and items
Added ability to sort the Default fields (see: Settings -> Default fields)
Added ability to associate a color to a category tab. Notice that upgrading from AllMyThings version <= 1.2.2, the colors will be assigned automatically. You will be able to change the colors as you wish.

Version 1.2.2

Fixes and improvements for iOS 5
Fixed a bug in the "Path view" functionality that was preventing the visualization of an intermediate location in some cases.
Added image preview and location name to the item's list (location name is displayed where required)
Improved global search (by location). Entering a location name which does not have any items inside but its sub-locations does have, now returns correct results. Because this improvement might slow down the search on older device (like iPhone 3, especially if you have many items per location) it can be disabled from the app settings. See Settings -> Search.
Added "Rate" feature (see app Settings). If you would like to rate us, there is now a direct link to the app store.
Added "Send feedback" feature. It is now possible to enter in an issue or enhancement suggestion directly from the application

Version 1.2.0

Backup/Restore: ability to create a full backup of the database, download on your computer and then restore at any time on the starting device or any others device.

Version 1.1.5

Bug fixes

Version 1.1.4

Added support for Italian
Fixes annoying persistent crash on some iPhone 3G devices selecting items
Minor Bug Fix on iPad 2: the status bar disappears whenever "Take photo" is selected

Organize your things, organize your life...

Easily find what you're looking for

How many times have you needed to find something that you don't remember where you put exactly? Over the years, stuff accumulates in a house making it very easy to forget where you put everything... especially the small items. AllMyThings helps you to locate the exact place fast.


Version 1.9.0 - New export feature!

Export your inventory as CSV file and open it with your favorite spreadsheet application. Share the item's details and pictures by Email.
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